The Great Strawberry Plant Hand-Out Organized by Ferme d’Hiver And The Laboratoire sur l’agriculture urbaine was a Tremendous Success!

Brossard, August 4, 2021 – On July 29, a hand-out of strawberry plants was organized by Ferme d’Hiver in collaboration with the Laboratoire sur l’agriculture urbaine and the support of Les Serres Vaudreuil. Nearly 3,000 strawberry plants were given to the community members free of charge at the Fermes Urbaines de Montréal stall in Jean-Talon Market.

The Ferme d’Hiver lab was loaded with strawberry plants on the verge of blooming when the decision was made to turn it into a nursery. When the Laboratoire sur l’agriculture urbaine was contacted, a community hand-out event was quickly devised. Several community organizations and gardens took part in the great hand-out, joining in on the vision of the two organizations for whom local agriculture and sharing are key values.  Among them were Bouffe-Action de Rosemont, the Sun Youth urban garden, Sentier Urbain, Carrefour Alimentaire Centre-Sud and Projet Harmonie.

“Ferme d’Hiver is pleased to see the excitement that urban agriculture generates and the desire of consumers to have access to fresh, local and affordable food. It was a pleasure to engage in dialogue with urban gardeners and to share our mission and vision.” – Alain Brisebois, President and CEO of Ferme d’Hiver.

“This hand-out at our Fermes Urbaines de Montréal stand was an opportunity to showcase agricultural innovations in cities and meet Montreal gardeners. It was a pleasure to team up with Ferme d’Hiver for this event, and we are delighted to see that these strawberries may prompt or encourage several hundred citizens to take up urban agriculture.” – Valérie Ferland, collective marketing project manager at the Laboratoire sur l’agriculture urbaine.

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