BREAKING! The Fraise d’hiver strawberries wil soon be grown diagonally!

Brossard, April 1st, 2023 – The Fraise d’hiver strawberries, a Quebec grown berry that tastes like summer… during the winter, will soon be cultivated diagonally! Less than two years after the inauguration of Winter Farm operations in Vaudreuil, the technology team has announced major breakthroughs that have allowed them to perfect a new production method. Moreover, the technique of diagonal cultivation of our chemical pesticide free strawberries will promote the development of mountain agriculture in Quebec. This will also contribute to our food autonomy all year round. Winter Farm is delighted to be, once again, at the forefront with its agricultural technologies and is currently evaluating several potential production sites.

Numerous advantages 

Diagonal agriculture has several advantages for a more productive and sustainable agricultural production: 

A tastier fruit: 

The greatest advantage of diagonal agriculture is observed in the sugar content of the strawberries. Indeed, as the fruits hang at a certain angle, the sugar content is concentrated at the tip of the strawberries, making every first bite the very best. 

Better air exchange: 

Thanks to diagonal cultivation, air circulates more efficiently than in vertical cultivation. The air follows the curve of the structure and spreads more consistently between plants and leaves, which has the advantage of promoting better pollination and ultimately creating more beautiful fruits. By following the angle of the ventilation ducts, there is also a 15% decrease in energy consumption, which could result in a reduction in the price of strawberries in the coming years. 

An optimized sensory experience: 

By giving a 45-degree angle to the strawberry plants, the fruits develop so that their achenes (the small seeds visible on the outside of the strawberry) are also positioned diagonally on the fruit. According to a market test conducted with 3 employees, the taste experience is greatly improved. The strawberry melts in the mouth like cod with almond butter, the texture is more pleasant, and the teeth are cleaner after the snack. 

“It’s a great victory today for all « Fraise d’hiver » enthusiasts. Thanks to the creativity and ingenuity of our technology team at Winter Farm, once again, innovation is bearing fruit! I invite all strawberry growers to see the mountains near them as a future land to cultivate! Diagonal agriculture will certainly be part of the solutions for better food autonomy!” – Daphné Mailhot, Director of Marketing and Communications, Winter Farm. 

About the « Fraise d’hiver » Strawberries 

The « Fraise d’hiver » Strawberries are locally grown, eco-friendly fruit that tastes like summer…but in winter! Since 2020, the product has been gradually making its way onto the shelves of IGA grocery stores. The « Fraise d’hiver » strawberries grow in a vertical farm designed by Winter Farm. Bright red and sweet, it shows no traces of chemical pesticides. By winter 2024, all regions of Quebec will have access to this berry loved by Quebecers. 

April Fool’s! Did you read this far? You will surely be interested in our REAL technique of vertical production. To learn all about how Fraise d’hiver Strawberries are grown, click here. 

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