Innovation that bears fruit

Winter Farm is:

A Quebec-grown company

Devoted to local production

Sustainable agriculture

Free of chemical pesticides with no harmful emissions or discharge

Industrial volume

Year-round access to fresh fruits and vegetables for all

Unparalleled quality

A climate-controlled environment for fruits and vegetables bursting with flavour

Winter Farm is also a meeting of farming know-how with the technologies of the future.

A farming solution with significant advantages

Fully controlled environment

  • Real-time optimization of environmental factors based on specific plant needs
  • No outside contamination, allowing for minimal biocontrol

Integrated vertical architecture

  • Modular farming – The growing rooms can be aligned and stacked. They can also accommodate greenhouses, combining the two farming methods.
  • Potential plant density per square metre per tier up to 5 times higher than with traditional greenhouse production and 15 times that of field-grown crops.

Lower environmental impact

  • No harmful emissions or discharge
  • Irrigation water recycling
  • Heat recovery from lighting systems for use in existing facilities, greenhouses in particular, reducing production costs and carbon footprints as a result

Extended growing season

  • Continuous production of superior quality food from October to June
  • 3-month maintenance and restart period while our growers take care of their summer crops

Discover the Winter Farm method here.

Our first product: the Winter Berry

A quintessential summer fruit, the strawberry is one of Canada’s biggest food imports.

Unfortunately, imported strawberries are among the fresh horticulture products most contaminated with chemical pesticides. What’s more, their transport over long distances relies on polluting fossil fuels.

Our delicious Winter Berry, 100% locally grown under the safest, most nontoxic conditions, helps curb these imports, without generating greenhouse gases.

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The Winter Berry is the taste of Quebec summers, year round.