Our approach allows for production on a very large scale. We applaud the innovative urban farms that are supplying the city’s neighbourhoods. Winter Farm develops industrial production solutions that fruit and vegetable farmers can use for operations of any size.
Our design is a modular and stackable closed room that requires no outside light. Depending on the layout, the rooms can be stacked a few tiers high to increase the density per square metre. Depending on the height of the Ferme d’Hiver, our technique offers a production capacity that is 5 to 6 times higher than greenhouse growing. Also, fruit and vegetable growers can integrate the rooms with their existing production facilities.
Absolutely. Ferme d’Hiver can be integrated right into your existing facilities, whatever they are. All you need to provide is access to a water service and to three-phase power. Ferme d’Hiver can also be integrated both in agricultural (barns, greenhouses, etc.) and urban (condo complexes, office towers, warehouses, etc.) settings.
We offer 5-year contracts with option to renew for producers, retailers and suppliers.
From the time the collaboration agreement between Ferme d’Hiver and the growing partner is signed, it takes 8 to 12 months to complete construction and implementation of the Ferme d’Hiver.
The strawberry plants are from Quebec nurseries, as are the soil and the bioprotection products. As production takes place in a 100% controlled environment, no chemical pesticides are used. The fruits are therefore 100% natural.
For now, only our Fraise d’hiver strawberries are grown in our Ferme d’Hiver winter farms. We are pursuing our research and development efforts with a view to diversifying crops.
Depending on your basic infrastructures and the engineering carried out to set up a Ferme d’Hiver in your facilities, the space required for non-growing areas will vary. For a 1,000 sq. ft., you need to figure approximately 300 sq. ft.
Ferme d’Hiver has secured a forward contract with retailers. For units of 300 sq. ft. or over, Ferme d’Hiver offers to buy 100% of your production for a set price.