The Fraise d’hiver strawberry

Local, sustainably grown strawberries that taste of summer... in the middle of winter! 

Fraise d’hiver vertical strawberries are grown in a 14-story indoor farm. Bringing together farmer’s know-how and the latest technological developments in precision agriculture, Winter Farm offers a superior quality berry all year long.

Picked when ripe, sweet and free of any trace of chemical pesticides, Fraise d’hiver vertical strawberries are the perfect choice for all consumers looking to buy local, even during the winter! 

Sustainable agriculture

  • 90% of the irrigation water used is recovered
  • No harmful discharge into the environment
  • Zero trace of chemical pesticides
  • Transportation distance greatly reduced compared to imports
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Fraise d'hiver - achat local - 100% produit d'ici - icône-Québec
fraise d'hiver | winter strawberry - emballage écoresponsable

Enjoy local strawberries!

Spring, summer, fall and now, winter… No need to forego local flavours in your favourite recipes! 

Fraise d’hiver strawberries bring freshness and colour to your breakfast, daytime meals and desserts.

Logo Fraise d'hiver / Winter berry

Strawberry breakfast bars 

Shrimp tacos and strawberry salsa

Whit chocolate and strawberry pie

Fraise d'hiver Rachelle Bery

Find it at a grocery store near you

The Fraise d’hiver strawberry will gradually make its way to IGA grocery store shelves throughout 2023 and will be available across Quebec at the beginning of 2024. Watch for its arrival and send us your comments!