Les maraîchers, The Saint-Denis Family

The Saint-Denis Family

Winter Farm’s Innovation Center

Winter Farm’s first grower partner, Les Serres Vaudreuil, is a family farming business. In 1982, the Saint-Denis family purchased ancestral lands from the family of Yves Daoust, Winter Farm’s founder and chief of technology. Since then, they have operated a gardening centre and a produce market

In 2018, Winter Farm introduced the Saint-Denis family to a new off-season farming concept that combines produce-growing know-how with the latest developments in vertical farming. Three years later, Les Serres Vaudreuil harvested their first winter crop. Today, they operate Winter Farm’s innovation center and cultivate the Fraise d’hiver strawberry.

The Vaudreuil Winter Farm


1M kg/year

90 plants/m2

Across Quebec, farmers choose to join forces with Winter Farm to produce fruit and vegetables all year round and contribute to our food autonomy.