The Winter Farm

Fostering the development of our food self-sufficiency

Ferme d’Hiver offers producers a turnkey solution that stretches their harvesting season and increases their company’s profitability.

Our goal is to build, through partnership with producers, an agro-industrial network that is able to sustain off-season, local and chemical pesticide free production. To succeed, we are focusing on vertical farming and the integration of our operations into those of local producers. 


Ferme d'Hiver production hors saison Winter farm year roudn production

Off-season production

  • 100% controlled indoor production
  • No reliance on weather conditions
  • Harvest all year round
Ferme d'Hiver - redistribution de chaleur - heat management - winter farm

Heat Redistribution

  • Heats an adjacent installation up to 4 times its area in size
  • Speeds up energy transition of greenhouses
  • Patented LED lighting system

What is a Winter Farm?

It’s a 100% controlled space where we grow vertically the Fraise d’hiver strawberry. We reproduce sunlight, rain and wind using cutting-edge engineering technology. 

Thanks to perfect weather conditions, there is no need for chemical pesticides. The delicate task of pollination is handled by bumblebees, just as it is in nature!

By focusing on vertical farming, Winter Farm maximizes available growing areas and increases production capacity for growers.

Across Quebec, farmers choose to join forces with Winter Farm to produce fruit and vegetables all year round and contribute to our food autonomy.
Ferme d'Hiver récolte à l'année, production annuelle, year round production

More productive farms

  • No reliance on weather conditions
  • Year-round production
  • Unparalleled production density
Ferme d'Hiver culture coresponsable agriculture durable sustainable agriculture winter farm

More eco-friendly farms

  • Optimized energy management
    Recirculation of water
    No chemical pesticide
More profitable farms winter farm fermes plus profitables ferme d'hiver

More profitable farms

  • Preferential rates for electricity
  • Guaranteed purchase of production
  • Predictable and constant production